Sending SMS via Business Phone Number

How to Enable it :
Log-in to your online interface with your assigned log-in details. Please log-in on this link using your log-in details -




Once signed in, Go to the bottom of Main Settings sub menu General Settings and you will see and option to Enable the Business SMS feature at the bottom of the web page, enter cell number and/or email where you want to receive the SMS text messages.



NOTE : If it's not enabled by default or it's not letting you choose Yes or it may rarely happen that your business number can not be enabled even after selecting YES, please call customer support to have it resolved at 1-888-683-5226 option 1 and 2.


How to Use it :

Receiving SMS From your client on your business number

When SMS is received on your business number, the system will forward the message to the attached cell phone and(or) email address; each forwarded message will have a reference number which will be changed every time.

For Example: (Ref 761, Fwd from 4168479111): This is Test Message



Replying to received Business SMS

You can can reply to the message by just typing the reference number in the beginning of the received message.

For Example: 761 Test Message Received. And the message "Test Message Received" will be forwarded to the original sender with the your Business line as the caller ID.



Sending Business SMS

You can also initiate a text message from your registered mobile devices by sending a text to your business phone number and putting the keyword "To:[Phone number]" and the phone number being the number you want to send a text to.  For example [Phone number] is your client's cell phone number.

For Example: To:4168479111 This text will come from my business number.






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