Extension Settings


This page is used to set up the extensions on the PBX

Caller ID

There are three ways to get an audio Caller ID:

Call Screening

The system will ask the caller to record his/her name. It will then put the caller on ""Music on hold"" while forwarding the call to your number. When you answer, it will play the name and give you the option to either connect or send the caller to voice mail.

Call Announce

If this option is selected, the system will put the caller on ""Music on hold"". It will then notify you by phone that there is a business call, and give you the option to either answer the call or to send the call to the voice mail. This feature is very handy if you are using the same phone for personal use as well as business use. If you are in a noisy environment, you can simply send the call to voice mail instead of answering.

Direct Connect

This option simply connects the call without any audio Caller ID

Record Call

This option allows you to record incoming calls. You can access the recording online in the call log page by simply clicking on a link beside the call that is recorded. Recorded calls will be available for download for 5 business days before being expiring from the system.

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