How to set up voice caller id?

  1. Goto the page: Extensions
  2. Select the option under the column Callerid
  3. You have four options: a) Simple connect; b) Call screening; c) Call announce; d) Play memo.   Only Simple connect option is available if the call is going to be routed to a Queue

When call screening is selected, a caller to an extension will be asked to record his/her name. This would be played to the user and the user have the option of connecting to the caller or sending him/her to the voice mail. However, in call announce, the caller does not have to record his/her name. In call announce case, when the user answers the call, a system message is played notifying that there is a caller and giving the option for the user to either answer the call or send it to the voice mail. In both cases, the caller will be listening to music on hold while the user hears the announcement.

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