How to set up holiday greeting?

  1. Go to the page: Greeting Setting   (Please log in to support page for the link to work)
  2. Click on Holiday/Vacations to set up when to play the holiday greeting instead of the regular greeting:
    1. If the holiday is weekly, click on weekly tab.  Select the day, the start time and end time and click on "Add" button
    2. If the holiday is yearly, click on yearly tab.  Select the month and the date and click on "Add" button
    3. If it is a date range click on the date range tab and select the start date and end date.  Click on the "Add" button
    4. Proceeding day and Preceding tab is there to put holidays such as good friday and Easter monday. 
  3. You can either select the holiday greeting from the drop down labeled "Holiday/Vacations" or customize it
  4. Under customize you have three options
    1.  Record over the phone:  Gives instruction on how to call into a number and record the greeting over the phone.
    2. Order Custom Greeting:  You can get one of our professional to record the greeting for you
    3. Upload:  You can record on your pc and upload it.



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    Weill Investment Company

    We have setup a Holiday / Vacations greeting and set them up to play when calls come in but it's not working. Please set the Holidays / vacations greeting to come on when calls are made to both numbers. Thank you

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