Panasonic IP Phone Provisioning Procedure Type 1

Enable the Web interface by doing the following:

Press [MENU] and then [#][5][3][4]. Next use the up/down arrows select "On" for "Embedded web" and then [SAVE].

(Alternately you can choose Menu -> IP service -> Network Setting -> Embedded web. Next use the up/down arrows select "On" and hit the Menu key one last time to [SAVE].


Get the IP from the phone:

Settings/Menu then Information Display, then down arrow to IP Address


Put the IP Address into the browser of a computer on the same network:

username: admin

password: adminpass

password may also be: voipInfo


Manually configure the device (not auto-provision)

Use these settings, see screenshot for examples:


VOIP Line 1


Phone Number: [lineno]

Line ID: [lineno]_[ext]


Registrar Server Address:

Proxy Server Address:

Outbound Proxy Server Address:

Service Domain:

authenticationid: [lineno]_[ext]

authenticationpassword: [voip-password]



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