Grand Stream Gxp 1400

Grand Stream  Gxp 1400

Important note :


a) If you are connecting to a voip phone through a web interface, please make sure that the computer is on the same network as the phone.


b) Try to do auto provisioning by following the procedure below and rebooting the phone. If that does not work, you can set up the phone manually by following the article on manually configuring the phones.



1. How to find the IP Address 

Menu (the circular button in the middle)-Status- Network Status.

Sample MAC address :

2. How to access the phone through Web Interface

 When you have the IP Address of the phone, type it in a web browser on a computer which is under the same network as  the phone is.Default Username and Password - admin

3. How to Autoprovision

4. How to Provision phone manually.

Log in to the Web Interface and click on Accounts from the top menu then choose the correct Account that you want to work on. Make sure that the Account Active is set to Yes. Then enter the ff:

  •  Account Name
  •  Sip Server
  • Secondary SIP Server
  • SIP User ID
  • Authenticate ID
  • Authenticate Password

  then Save and Apply.


5. How to Reset to Factory Settings

Menu (the circular button in the middle)-




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