How to change caller ID


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To set-up your caller Id  please follow instructions below :

1. Click on Main Settings 

2. Sub menu General Settings.

3. On System Preferences (Incoming Calls Caller ID) you will see these options:

3.1 Caller ID  - it will show callers number on the recipient's phone.
3.2 DNIS -  it will show your own toll-free number on the recipient's phone.
3.3 0-9Caller ID - it will show any numbers from 0-9+ callers number on the recipient's phone.


4. For  Outbound Calls Caller ID (only available from $9.95 and higher packages),you will see these options:

4.1  Toll-free number  - it will show callers number on the recipient's phone.

4.2 Blocked - it will show Private or Unknown on the recipient's phone.

4.3 Company and toll-free number (optional) - it will show your company and toll-free number  on the recipient's phone.

Note : This will depends on the recipient's phone. caller id feature.



Please note each page has a help on the right top corner. Click it to enable help for each and every field on that page. Just put your mouse over to get help.

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