Porting Local US/Canada numbers

To transfer an existing local number to us,you need to submit some documents.When submitting a local port request please ensure the following information is provided in the LOA. (LOA Attached)


-End user name/company name: (As shown in the bill copy)

-Service address: (As shown in the bill copy)

-Billing Telephone number (BTN): The Main number used for billing purposes/contact number with the current provider

-Current provider name: ie: AT&T, Bell, Verizon etc.

- Existing account for current provider

- Number to be ported

- Bill Copy not older than 60 days:  If the bill copy is not available please provide the CSR (customer service record) This is the information the current provider will have for the number to be transferred

** If the number belongs to a Reseller, the CSR information will also be require to avoid any delay or rejections during the porting process


Please email the documents to resporg@callture.com or fax it to 702-789-0148
LOA can also be upload it online during the sign up process

The tentative port time for local Canadian numbers is 7 business days. (If the transfer is rejected it could delay the process to 14-20 days. Updates will be provided during the process

The tentative port time for US local numbers is 10-15 days. If the transfer is rejected, it could delay the porting process to 20-30 days. Updates will be provided during the process

** If adding multiple numbers please email the spreadsheet along with the LOA to resporg@callture.com


Below is the sample LOA form.

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