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This guide is designed to help end-users setup and understand the primary configurations and layout of the Callture Unified communications platform.

Topics include:

  • Activating users
  • Log-in
  • Modifying account settings
  • Making calls
  • Changing the modes of communication
  • Updating status and availability 
  • Creating contacts and contact search 
  • Using chat features
  • Establishing contact groups and organization


Activating users

To activate users for them to access UC,you need to go to your online account and click on Account info -sub menu User Access and enable the extension you want to have an access and assign a password on each enabled extensions.


Log-in using UC

Please log-in on this link using your log-in details - https://support.callture.net/

1. Log-in using this link -  https://presence.callture.net/?## .



2. Once Log-in, your screen must look like this.



Modifying account settings

To modify your account and profile settings, click on the “Settings” button and select “Settings”.



A screen will pop up with the primary settings for your account. There you’ll be able to change your Password, email, mobile number, extensions, theme, and even add Trigger URLs.



To change your profile picture simply click on the picture itself and upload a file.



Making calls and searching contacts

To make a manual call by dialing, click the number pad icon  in the top right portion of the screen under the Callture logo. After the number pad appears, type your number and click the green “Call” button to start your call.


Alternatively, if the person you’re trying to reach is already a contact, you can search for their name using the contact search button

Once you’ve found the contact for the person that you’d like to call, click on their name and the contact options and available numbers they can be reached at will appear.

To make a call, simply click on any of the available options and you’ll automatically be connected.


To see a log of missed calls and new voicemail messages, click the “Message” button   and then select the desired message that you’d like to review.

Inviting Guests

If the contact that you’d like to speak with doesn’t have an account in the Callture system, scroll down to the “Guest” tab and click the option button with three circles on the right side of the bar.

From the options listed, click the “New Contact” button.

An “Add/Edit Guest” form will appear that will allow you to add a new contact. Fill out the required information and click “Email/SMS” to send the new contact an invite to the system and add them to your contact list.

Creating groups

To organize your contacts you’ll need to create a group. A group allows you to share communications channels between several different people at the same time (i.e this can be used for individual projects, company divisions, and teams). Groups also allow you to use Callture’s innovative “Urgent Meeting” feature to automatically connect your entire group of both team and clients/partners in just moments.


To edit or create a new group, click on the Contact card button and fill out the form with the appropriate details.

To edit individual group members, click on the pencil icon .

Similar to single contacts, simply click an individual contact to reach out to them or click the “Urgent Meeting” button to gather the entire group together at once.

Updating status and availability
To update your current status or availability, click on any of the icons on the top section. Hover your mouse over them to see your options. Your status changes will take effect immediately.

Using chat features

To use the chat feature of the Callture UC platform, simply click the green chat  symbol   on the right side of an individual contact and you’ll instantly open a live chat screen with that person.


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