Aastra VoIP Phone - Device Provisioning Procedure

On our login register his MAC Address first

Aastra 9112i

Step 1 Press the "Options" key on your 9112i model telephone and use the up and down arrows to find "Network Settings", enter the admin password which can be one of two possibilities.


If the phone is new and/or has not previously been provisioned, the password is likely the factory default value of 22222.


If the phone has been previously provisioned to our service, we will have assigned a randomized password which can be found by logging into your account, choosing the Devices section, clicking "Modify" on the device in question and then clicking the Preferences tab.

Step 2 Use the up and down arrows to find "IP Address" in the menu and select it.

Step 3 Type this IP Address into a web browser. Enter the username admin and the admin password which should be the same as you entered in Step 1.

Step 4 Under the "Operation" menu option select the "Reset" sub menu item.

Step 5 Select the "Remove Local Configuration Settings" option and confirm it.

Step 6 Next, select the "Restore to Factory Defaults" option and confirm it. This may take a few minutes to complete.

Step 7 Next, select the "Restart Phone" option and confirm it to reboot the phone.

Step 8 When the phone has rebooted, perform steps 1 through 3 again to get back into the web interface. Tip: The IP Address will often still be the same one, and the password should have fallen back to the factory default of 22222.

Step 9 From the web interface, select the "Configuration Server" sub menu item which is under the "Advanced Settings" section.

Step 10 Change the "Download Protocol" to HTTP

Step 11 Change the "HTTP Server" to phone.fibrehub.com

Please note this value is case sensitive.

Step 12 Change the "HTTP Path" to device

Please note this value is case sensitive

Step 13 Change the "Resync Mode" to BOTH

Step 14 Click on the "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 15 Select the "Reset" menu option which is under the "Operations" menu and click on the "Restart Phone" button

Resetting an Aastra 6700 Series Phone Back to Factory Default

To reset the phone back to factory defaults, there are two ways to do this. First, you can reset the phone to factory default through the Web GUI provided by the phone. To do this, you will need to login to the phone at it's IP address.


The default login for the Aastra phone is:


User: Admin

Password: 22222

Once you are on the phone's GUI page, you will be able to go to the phone's reset page. Here you can reset the phone to factory default, restart the phone, or remove local configuration settings.


The faster way to reset the phone is to go into the phone's options menu directly. Proceed to the admin menu and enter your Admin password. Here you will be able to select option four, Factory Default.

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