Provisioning Procedure for Linksys PAP2 (ATA) Device

To Factory Reset the Linksys PAP2 device:


  1. Ensure the device is plugged into the network and a phone is plugged into it
  2. Dial **** and wait for the prompt
  3. Dial 73738#
  4. Press 1 to confirm after prompted


So set up the Device after resetting:


  1. Dial **** and wait for the prompt
  2. Dial 110# and note the ip address down when your receive it on the phone
  3. Use to view the client’s computer (ask them if it’s on the same network as the phone)
  4. Type the ip address of the PAP2 device into a browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome etc.)
  5. Click on Admin Login (far right side)
  6. Click on the ‘Line 1’ Tab
  7. Set the Proxy as
  8. Set the Username, Display Name and Auth ID as: DID_Ext such as 8886835226_103
  9. Set the password to the one assigned on Spiderman
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