Date:  12/16/15
 Type:  IP Phone Configuration
 Version  1.13
 Phone Manufacturer:  vTech
 Phone Model:  VSP600
 Firmware Version Tested:  1.0.3,
 Date Configured  5/27/15
 Date Tested  12/16/15
 Approved By  AK


Prerequisites: Preconfigured Certified Phones (shipped directly from Callture suppliers):

Certified Phones purchased through Callture for direct shipment to clients and or partners are pre-configured (unless otherwise specified) with the provisioning server noted entered in the proper fields and the mac address registered to an extension assignment.
If the client/partner has not requested an extension assignment then follow the Manual Configuration Steps Below.

  • Prerequisites: For Customer or Partner Provided Phones Please Follow the Below Steps

Manual Configuration:

  • Login to your admin portal 
  • For New Extensions, Click on Extensions. Click on Add Extension. Add the relevant extension that the VoIP Phone will be configured to.
  • This will open the dialog box  complete the required fields, then save.                                                                            
  • Then click on VOIP Setup 
  • Select Line Number for Configuration
  • Enter the Mac Address of The Device to the right of the extension created. It will look something like this:
  • Click Save Icon
  • Click on Refresh to confirm the configuration was saved properly.


How to configure vTech VSP600:


  • Plug in the base unit to an available Ethernet (10/100/1000) RJ45 network jack. Plug in AC Adapter. 

PoE: (If your network supports PoE (Power Over Ethernet) and the port you’re plugging into is enabled for PoE then no AC adapter is required- the unit will self-power directly via the network).

  • If no PoE then plug in the ac adapter to the wall then the unit. 
  • The unit will then boot. LED Status light will show solid green. VOIP LED Status light will not read green until configuration is completed. 
  • Once the unit is solid green the handset will sync with the base station. 
  • Press the menu button in the center. Then scroll down to status. Press enter once, then at network icon press enter again. 
  • This will display the IP address of the base unit. Write it down for quick reference (ex. Of IP Address=
  • On a PC, Laptop or Tablet connected to the same network open a web browser (ex. Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, safari) in the browser bar enter the IP address of the base unit. 
  • The Unit will prompt you for a username and password. Enter admin for username, enter admin for the password. (These are the defaults, you may change them yourself at any time).
  • A screen similar to below will appear.

  • Until Auto Provisioned the account status will show Not Registered.
  • At top of navigation bar, click on SERVICING.
  • Click on Provisioning. A screen similar to below will appear:
  • In the Provisioning Server Field enter the following: 
  •  IMPORTANT- Under Resynchronization: MODE MUST BE SET TO ​Configuration



  • Click at the bottom of the page. 
  • Under Servicing Click on Reboot. Press Reboot Button (Blue Icon, See Below)
  • Base Unit will reboot. Handset will go offline. 
  • The Base unit status will show green LED for Power, Then Green LED for VOIP (if registered properly).
  • Handset will also show device as registered.
  • If VOIP Light does not show Green LED, disconnect power, wait 60 seconds, plug back in and wait for reboot. LED Status should now show green. 
  • Handset is ready now configured and ready for use.


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