How to record/access voice mail? ($4.95 plan)


Please log-in on this link using your log-in details -


To set-up your voice mail message,please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Main Settings.

2. Proceed to General Settings -Voice Mail Settings.

3. On More Options button and you'll see three options on how to modify it.

 3.1 Record Over the phone- Simply follow the instructions given.

 3.2 Upload- You can upload your own message online.

 3.3 Order Custom Greeting - Our voice artist will do it for you for a one time fee in which we have 3 templates available.


 To access voice mail you have 3 options :

1. Notify on Email - You can play messages right through your email in which you have 3 notification type  : Do not notify,Email with attachment and Email without  attachment.

2. Access VM online- You can access your messages  under HOME page and play messages.

3. Access Vm via phone -Simply follow the instructions given. Instructions are available on Main Settings - More Options - Access Vm via phone.


Please note each page has a help on the right top corner. Click it to enable help for each and every field on that page. Just put your mouse over to get help.


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