How to customize initial greetings?


Initial greetings will be the first greeting to play before it forward the calls to your destination/routing number/s.


Please log-in on this link using your log-in details -


Instructions on how to customize/modify your initial greetings:

1. - Click on Main Settings
2. Click on Welcome Greetings (sub menu),you'll see your 3 main greetings for your account (Holiday/Vacations ,Office Hours and After Hours).

3. By clicking your Customize button and you'll see three options on how to modify it.


3.1 Record Over the phone- Simply follow the instructions given.


 3.2 Upload- You can upload your own message online.


3.3 Order Custom Greeting - Our voice artist will do it for you for a one time fee in which we have 3 templates available.


If you want to add a sub-level greeting,please follow the instructions below:

1.  Click on Main Settings.

2. Click on Advance Settings.

3. On the right side you'll see Summary box,click on Greetings.

4.You'll see your existing Initial greetings and Add New Greetings button.

5. Still on Summary box,proceed by clicking IVR Settings.This is where you can set-up your incoming call rules for your initial and sub-level greetings.




Please note each page has a help on the right top corner. Click it to enable help for each and every field on that page. Just put your mouse over to get help.


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