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This guide is designed to help New User in using the UC.



How to log-in using UC?


1. Log-in using this link -  https://presence.callture.net/?##  using Chrome (or any WebRTC compatible browser such as Opera) to fully take advantage of our communication features such as a video or voice call.Log-in information will be provided to you by your Admin User.



2. Once Log-in, your screen must look like this in where you can see other users as well.


You can also download our desktop app (requires Chrome) from this link and Chrome app launcher from this link.  You need your username and password to log in.


How to modify your Account info?

Click on   button or simply click on your Username  

for your settings page to pop-up. On this page,you can now modify your account info like- profile picture,availability status,name,password,email, mobile,etc and hit Save afterwards.


To change your profile picture simply click on the picture itself and upload a file.


How to search contact, invite guest or add group?

To search a contact you can use the search  button or by clicking the drop down arrow on All tab and it show all your contacts


To add a person that's not under your company you can add him as Guest by clicking the  under Guest tab  and click this icon  

 A pop-out box will show and fill in necessary information.


To communicate with several person, you can create a Group wherein you can conduct a meeting and/or share information and ideas for the whole team.Click on   and fill out necessary information.


How to make calls and send messages?


To call out ,click on button and the dial pad will show.Enter the # you wish to call and click on CALL to trigger it.


To send message/chat with your contact,click on  button  on the right side of an individual contact and you’ll instantly open a live chat screen with that person.



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