Callture Mobile App-how to download, configure and use


If you have the Callture Business phone service (you have a PBX with Voip devices) you will to register your cell phone first in the online interface. To do so first log in then click on Account Info on the menu bar, then enable the App. Access by clicking where it says "Disabled" under the App access column:


Then enter you mobile phone number in the "Cell Number:" field and click Save.


This app is downloadable and designed  to make phone calls from your cell phone with your business phone callerid. It works with Callture business phone service. With this service, phone calls to your business number can be forwarded to your cell phone. And with this app, you can callback with your business number. You will see missed calls and business.This is available for Android (Google Play) and Iphone (iTunes) user.


1. Download and install the app.

Note:  There is another app called Callture, you need to download Callture dialer.


or from Google play if you are using chrome.  Please note there are other apps labeled Callture phone.  You need to download the app named just Callture.


2. Login,Register and activate.Please log into your online  account and follow the instructions below:

2.1 Click on Account Info.

2.2 Click on User Access.


Displaying Snip20151126_1.png


3.3  Find the specific extension where you want to set up the Callture App and under App Access  click on the Disable link.



3.4 Pop-out box will show and asked you to enter necessary information. Enter your cellphone number,select the outgoing call caller ID ( you can select to show the line number, the line & extension number, or just to show the cellphone number) and you can also enable incoming calls to ring through the app to your specific extension.Hit Save not Save & Send.


3.5 Please go to app and enter your cellphone number and click on activate.


3.6  Once you activate, it will ask you for a pin number ( you will receive a text message with the number number. Once you enter the pin you will be logged in.


 4.  Once you log in you can start making outgoing calls.




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