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Prerequisites:  Preconfigured Certified Phones (shipped directly from Callture suppliers):

Certified Phones purchased through Callture for direct shipment to clients and or partners are pre-configured (unless otherwise specified) with the provisioning server noted entered in the proper fields and the mac address registered to an extension assignment.

If the client/partner has not requested an extension assignment then follow the Manual Configuration Steps Below.


Prerequisites: For Customer or Partner Provided Phones Please Follow the Below Steps


Manual Configuration:

  1. Login to your admin portal
  2. For New Extensions, Click on Extensions. Click on Add Extension. Add the relevant extension that the VoIP Phone will be configured to.
  3. This will open the dialogue box:complete the required fields, then save.
  4. Then click on VOIP Setup
  5. Select Line Number for Configuration.
  6. Enter the Mac Address of The Device to the right of the extension created. It will look something like this:
  7. Click Save Icon.
  8. Click on Refresh to confirm the configuration was saved properly.


How to configure vTech VSP600:


  1. Plug in the base unit to an available Ethernet (10/100/1000) RJ45 network jack. Plug in AC Adapter.

PoE: (If your network supports PoE (Power Over Ethernet) and the port you’re plugging into is enabled for PoE then no AC adapter is required- the unit will self-power directly via the network).

  1. If no PoE then plug in the ac adapter to the wall then the unit.
  2. The unit will then boot. LED Status light will show solid green. VOIP LED Status light will not read green until configuration is completed.
  3. Once the unit is solid green the handset will sync with the base station.
  4. Press the menu button in the center. Then scroll down to status. Press enter once, then at network icon press enter again.
  5. This will display the IP address of the base unit. Write it down for quick reference (ex. Of IP Address=
  6. On a PC, Laptop or Tablet connected to the same network open a web browser (ex. Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, safari) in the browser bar enter the IP address of the base unit.
  7. The Unit will prompt you for a username and password. Enter admin for username, enter admin for the password. (These are the defaults, you may change them yourself at any time).
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