How to set up a softphone 


What is softphone?

A piece of software that allows the user to make telephone calls over the Internet via a computer.

Customers need to :
 - Download the program on your pc/laptop.Xlite,Eyebeam,Zoiper are the sample softphones that's tested and works well with Callture system.
 - Ideal bandwidth per softphones/Extensions is 100 Kb up/down.
 - Enable the program in your anti-virus or firewall software.
 - Contact support at 1-888-683-5226 for softphone configuration info.
 Once you've got that email for sip registration information,you can now configure the program by the following the instructions below.On this example,we use Xlite.
**Click on Softphone-Account Settings.
**A pop-out box will show and fill in the necessary data under Account tab and hit Ok to save.Please note that User ID and Authorization name must be the same,for Display name, it's all up to you.
**If the configuration is successful,status must display - Available/ Ready.At this point,your account is now capable in receiving and making out calls (for Pbx plan).
If you got an error after clicking ok,make sure that you entered the correct info.If this doesn't fix the issue,you can call customer service at 888-683-5226 option 1, then option 2, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week for help.
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