SIP Trunking Setup Procedure

Inbound SIP trunking (we send calls to the customers):



Steps (step 1 to be done by an engineer, the rest by Tech Support): 

1- On Asana, Client No. and client IP to be given to an Engineer to open it in our Hardware firewall (IP needs to be opened by an Engineer on Hardware firewall as well as the Database and Software firewall).

2- Virtual PBX and Call Hunt to be disabled on the line.

3- Make sure line has balance.

4- Change Ring to number to Sip/phonenumber/ClientIP (example: Sip/8665336444 @

5- Server Type: 51.


Outbound Sip Trunking (Customers send calls to us):


1- A Dial around DID pin needs to be created under the client's account.

2- Make sure Dial Around Pin has balance.

3- On Asana, Give the Client No, Client IP along with the Dial Around PIN to an engineer to open it on hardware Firewall.


The turnaround time is about 24 hours.


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