Click to Dial instructions


Click to Dial instructions 

is also known as click-to-talk which is a chrome extension in which,if you install it on a chrome browser any number on the current web page that looks like a phone number can be dialed through our system.


To use this feature,follow the instructions below: 

1 Download the ChromeExtension from: Callture Click2Call.

2 Once installed, please go to your Chrome Settings Menu => Extensions => ClickToDial-Options .



Option Tab will open that needs these info : 


3  Obtain your username /password from Tech Support (1-888-683-5226)  -     User name: xxx  - Password: xxx

4  Take note of your Desktop Number: Your main number  that you have with Callture  for example 4168479000 .

5  Desktop Extension: The extension you like to receive the call backs on.

6  Check "Enable Click to Dial Plugin"

7   On a page (only for North American numbers) if you hover your mouse it will highlight the number in bold to  make it clickable, or alternatively you can high light a number, right click and send it to click to dial. 





A small notification box must pop-out at the top right part of your screen,and wait for 2-5 seconds you must receive a call,pick it up and it will connect to the number you wish you dial.



- Please note that if you have another ClickToDial extension (such as Skype) installed, the priority will be with the one that is installed first in chronological order.

- Additional note that there is unknown bug that sometimes causes the numbers not to be clickable; in this case just refresh your page.


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