Guide for Extension/User Login

This guide is designed to help you in using your Extension/User Login.The main purpose of this feature is to limit the access of your account user with regards to account setup.


How to log into online account using your user access.

Please log-in on this link - Extension/User Login and it will route to this page.Login information will be provided to you by the Admin user.




Once signed in by default it will route you to the Home Page where it has the account Overview - Voice Mails,Faxes and Recent call logs.


By clicking More under Voice mails and Faxes box,it will give you access only to your voice mail messages where it gives you option to Play and/or Delete it.



Clicking on More under Recent calls box,it will give you access to your line call logs ,incoming faxes logs and sort it out on your preferred date.Download in Excel option is also available in this page.


On My Settings tab, this is where you can access and modify your extension settings.First Name,Last Name,Music On Hold,Caller ID,Call Forwarding,PIN,# of Rings,Schedule,Ring-to-# and voice mail settings for your extension can be modified on this page.





Feel free to contact partner support line if you need help at 1-844-333-1133 option 2.


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